Midterm Thoughts…

Coding is a lot harder than I thought. Or more precisely, it’s takes a lot more time and effort than I had hoped for. The most trouble I had while building the website is troubleshooting rather than the concept of html and css. It was difficult to pinpoint the problem code for let’s say, a paragraph not floating left or getting the hover to work.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of things that I had to google the code for if I wanted it to actually work in my design. And I actually want it to work and not just show how it’s supposed to work but it really doesn’t… Sadly, codes online doesn’t always work and I have to go in and edit it again. Understand it, and then work tirelessly to make it work.

I spend more time trying to make something work than actually adding new features to my design, it’s sort of sad. However, I have managed to build my website to the point where it closely resembles my intended design. Now, I just have to go in and add the details.

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